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Which AEW Star Drew These Pictures Of Owen Hart?

Chris Jericho Owen Hart

AEW's very own Chris Jericho was the narrator for the latest season of VICE's 'Dark Side Of The Ring' show. In the final episode, one centred around the life and death of Owen Hart, Jericho showed off some artwork from his high school days.

It's amazing.

Jericho revealed that he drew a picture of himself with Owen as the Stampede Wrestling Tag-Team Champions. In it, Jericho referred to himself as "Christian" Chris Irvine (what a gimmick that would've been) and claimed he'd weight five pounds more than his hero.

Sadly for Chris, he'd never get to team with Owen or really work with him at all; he did say during last week's 'Talk Is Jericho' interview with Martha Hart that he wished Owen had still been around when he joined the WWF in 1999. They could've had some awesome matches together, and Owen would've torn the house down with the likes of Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero too.

Jericho sketched this drawing when he was literally in school, and said he'd always daydream about lifting the belts with Hart and smiling for the cameras.